GARENA Free Fire Review – Best Action Game for Low-End Devices

GARENA Free Fire is a Smart device Battle Royale shooter game. Fifty online players land on an island and fight against each other to be the last man standing. Games are quick-paced and only last a max of ten minutes. The gameplay is the same as other Battle Royale games like PUBG and Fortnite.


Explore the area to find weapons and things before the safe area shrinks, forcing all players to move quickly. All players are forced to battle in the ever-shrinking play zone. 

Players can get around the island rapidly using one of 4 vehicles.  Jeep with less speed but extreme durability. Pickup truck, a small 3-wheeled vehicle called the TUK-TUK, and even single that visit both terrestrial and sea called the Amphibious.

Where this game differentiates itself from other Battle Royale games is its unique character system, a decent level of graphics and the ability to run at low-end devices. The game has ten plus unlockable characters all with their individual unique playstyle and abilities, such as bodyguard who reloads quicker and the nurse the restores more HP when revising allies.



In terms of graphics, it’s not the best spec game, though graphics are vital to some players, this has an advantage of mid-low-end devices. GARENA, in my opinion, did an enormous job to optimize the size of suit South Asian players, who mainly play utilizing the low-end devices.


In GARENA Free Fire, there’re a lot of controls you need to expert. There’s no option to duck, attack and also to lay down on the soil. There’s no doubt that if you’re unused to it, you’ll get a hard time just like what I experienced. If you’re not familiar with controls, then there’s a high possibility you’ll panic, just like me. But do not worry, you’ll get utilized to the controls by playing time to time.


  • Good Features
  • Multiplayer Game with Voice Chat 
  • Quick Matches 
  • Ideal for the low-end device 


  • Lags in Game
  • Low Graphics


GARENA Free Fire Weapons 

With several different weapons, managing the inventory is vital in the GARENA Free Fire if you want to have sufficient space. You also need to know the sort of evidence to be utilized in a specific situation since they’re made for a different purpose.



All handguns can be found on the island, USP is the better option here since it gives support for silencer and attachments. G-8 provides more rate of fire, but it lacks any helpful attachment. Desert eagle is powerful, but it has a limited clip size. To tell the reality of handguns in-game are not of great importance and they’re utilized only as a last resort. So don’t focus on finding the best, they’re not that useful.

Sub-machine guns

These are MP5 and UPM, and they both have mid-power range with thirty clip sizes. They’re considered to be greater handguns, but they do not come in very useful because you can only put them primary and secondly slots. It is advisable to utilize these just when there is not another option available, particularly when inside a building. Change them the time you find something better.

Assault Rifles

For a long and medium-range, M14 and SKS are better choices. SKS is practically a sniper gun: it comes with a pre-attached scope. M14 is the AR with the longest range only you can attach a scope. These are the highest damage guns that are helpful both in long and mid-ranged combat. GROZA is actually the finest AR in the game, but it can just be found in airdrop crates.

Shotguns and Heavy Weapons

M1873 and M1014 are shotguns. M1014 is the greater option because it gives an increased rate of fire. Shotguns are great weapons to utilize inside the buildings and clean rooms. For close range, forever prefer this weapon. M249 is a heavy weapon that can only be found in airdrops. It is a useful gun for close range, but shotguns can be found anyplace on the island, and once you find one, there’s no need to purse M249 gun. M79 is a grenade launcher that is ideal for clearing rooms without entering: shoot grenade and kill all in the room simple as that.

Sniper Rifles

VSS is the weakest gun, but it also the finest sniper gun for beginners. It provides an amazing fire rate and a very long range. If you’re professional, though, AMW is the best one. Unlike, Kar98k, it supports the attachment of magazines, which means you can boost the clip size. Though, its reload speed is slow. If you miss your shot and opponent spot you, switch to another gun for defence. Otherwise, you’ll get killed while trying to reload AMW.

Final words

If good graphics games are your thing, then we don’t recommend you playing GARENA Free Fire. If you like Battle Royale games and wish to have fun with your best friends, you must definitely play it.

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