The Complete Guide to Changing Your Instagram Icon

Introduction: What is an Instagram Icon?

The Instagram icon is the visual representation of a user’s account. The icon is used to promote the account and make it more recognizable to other users.

The Instagram icon is a square image with rounded corners that typically appears on a user’s profile page. The color scheme of the icon varies depending on what filter the user has applied to their pictures, but it usually matches the colors in their profile picture.

How to Change Your Instagram Icon on the App

  • First, open Instagram.
  • Next, tap the “Me” tab at the top of the screen.
  • Third, tap “Profile.”
  • Fourth, tap “Edit Profile.”
  • Finally, tap “Change Profile Picture.”
  • You can then choose a new photo from your library or take a new photo with your phone’s camera.

How to Change Your Instagram Icon through the Website

To change your Instagram icon through the website, you will need to log into your account and go to your profile photo. You can then upload a new photo for your profile.

Changing your Facebook profile photo without a computer is not as easy as it used to be. However, there are ways to do it if you have access to a phone or tablet with internet connection. You can use the Facebook app on the device or visit from the browser and then click on “Change Photo” from the top-right corner of the page.

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How to Change Your Instagram Icon on a Computer

There are two main ways to change your Instagram profile picture on a computer. You can either use the desktop website or the mobile app.

1) Use the desktop website:

To change your profile picture on a computer, you need to open up your browser and go to Once you are on this page, click on the icon that looks like a camera at the top left of the screen and then click “Upload Photo”. From there, you can choose from your existing photos or upload a new one from your computer.

2) Use the mobile app:

If you would rather use an app, then all you need to do is tap on “Profile” at the bottom of your screen and select “Edit Profile Picture”.

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